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Wednesday September 12

Hearing Officer Workshop - 2 Day National Training
This two-day training is essential for hearing officers, members of hearing panels, staff who represent the PHA in hearings, and anyone who participates in the hearing process. Packed with information and updated with HOTMA, this workshop is for both public housing and Housing Choice Voucher hearings. Upon completion of the Hearing Officer Workshop, you should have developed and mastered the skills needed to conduct hearings and write decisions with hands-on case studies and best-practice strategies. Optional online certification exam is available for additional $150.

UPCS Training to Improve Your REAC Score - 2 Day National Training
Stop spending valuable resources on items that have little or no impact on your REAC score. We’ll help you discover that the “most common” and “most impactful” defects are. We’ll teach you the point value of EVERY possible defect and show you how to spend less money while increasing your REAC score. A review of the entire protocol including deficiencies in the units, common areas, site, building systems, exteriors and health & safety. In addition, we will cover the multitude of UPCS changes from the past several months.

HUD Financial Bootcamp for Non-Finance Staff (ends at 5:15pm)
If reading the title of this course caused your palms to sweat, your stomach to ache, or you still cringe about an 8th grade math test, this course is for you. If you are a board member and you think reviewing your PHA’s monthly financials only entails reviewing a bank statement, this course is for you! WARNING: The HUD Financial Boot Camp is geared to small public housing authorities that do not have a finance department, that hire a fee accountant to process budgets, monthly financials, year-end financials, etc. (it is not for CFO’s, fee accountants, and auditors). In this course, you will learn various acronyms and terms used in financial management and property management, you will learn to effectively prepare and manage your agency operating budget, you will understand key budget components, variance reporting and monitoring, and other critical financial areas of concerns for both an executive director and a board member. You will become more confident in board reports, monthly, and year end reporting. You will learn how to effectively work with your fee accountant and auditors. You will understand how to monitor rent collections, process bad debt, calculate your vacancy loss and understand its impact. You will learn how to maximize your FASS score and PHA financial performance. You will learn about a board’s fiduciary responsibility, and why it is critical to be engaged with your agency’s financial picture. You will leave the class with a better understanding as to why you need to be financially literate. Bring a calculator, snacks, and an open mind to learn!

Fraud Prevention - Tips from HUD's Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
Come learn about successful tips and tricks to preventing potential program abuse in your public housing and voucher programs. Does your line staff know how to report fraud? Do you know how to identify areas of program vulnerability? Special Agent Kubesh will share his experience on these critical topics.

POHP 2018 - Constructing a Competitive Application
This session will provide a broad overview of the 2018 POHP funding round, including application requirements, timeline, and how PHA’s can submit a successful application. Participants will learn about what they should emphasize in their prospective rehab proposal, e.g. life / safety, and accessibility improvements and / or energy conservation measures. Minnesota Housing staff will provide background on why documentation of the current condition of building systems is helpful in making your application stand out. They will also cover application submittals, including the importance of providing a complete narrative. In addition, David and Irene will provide examples of unique partnerships that can provide additional resources for your project; and some important lessons learned from the 2017 POHP round.

Overview of Landlord Tenant Laws in Minnesota
From the rental agreement to security deposits and eviction actions, you need to stay on top of all aspects of landlord-tenant law.  This session will give you tips on drafting better leases, help you decide when you should terminate tenancy, guide you on avoiding legal battles by getting a firm grasp of both landlord and tenant obligations all while successfully navigating ethical issues.  Bring your questions for the opportunity to get the answers.

Feel Better at Work! Maximizing Employee Safety & Well-Being and Preventing Injury Through Effective Workplace Ergonomics
Calling all Desk Jockeys, Computer Wizards, and other Office Workers! Come hear from a great Northland expert on how the application of good ergonomics can help increase worker comfort and prevent workplace injuries and chronic conditions. This is a topic that should be of interest to anyone who sits at a desk and/or works at a computer for much of their day, and also for those interested in reducing potential workers compensation liabilities. Some tips will also be provided on safe lifting techniques that you can take back to your maintenance and related
staff. Come join what promises to be a most informative session!

A Path to Homeownership & Family Self Sufficiency with Minnesota Housing
Minnesota Housing Multifamily staff will give an introduction to the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, which has recently been opened up to multifamily Project-based Section 8 developments. Staff will highlight the agency’s experience with the management and compliance side of the FSS program and will also speak about the agency’s goal to connect interested renters to the spectrum of resources that can prepare them for eventual homeownership. This session will also be a great opportunity for agency staff to learn from NAHRO members who have had experience with the FSS program. Minnesota Housing Single Family staff will provide insight into the first time and repeat homebuyer programs available at the Agency with an emphasis on down payment and closing cost assistance loans that will help get Minnesota borrowers into their own homes.

Working with your Continuum of Care (COC) - Why HRA's Should be Involved
What's a COC and what does it do? This session discusses how the COCs address homelessness and how HRAs can be important partners in the effort. Also how HRAs are well positioned to help administer critical programs and partner with service organizations to reduce homelessness. 

Legislative Advocacy - Your Voice Matters
Connecting with your lawmakers can be easy and begins with a few simple steps.  Come to this session and find out how to incorporate building a relationship with your lawmakers into your busy schedule.  It is easier and takes less time than you think with big payoffs.

Thursday September 13

Hearing Officer Workshop - 2 Day National Training
Day 2 of this national training.  Goes until 4:45pm.

UPCS Training to Improve Your REAC Score
Day 2 of this national training.  Goes until 4:45pm.

HUD Financial Bootcamp for Non-Finance Staff
Day 2 of this HUD training.  Goes until 12:00pm

VAWA Implementation
Mary Dobbins will discuss the how to implement effective VAWA policies in your agency and how to create effective processes to ensure your agency is implementing VAWA appropriately.  The session will also set aside time for questions and answers. 

POHP Lab for 2017 Recipients only - Completing Due Diligence & Mastering Construction Draws
You received your selection letter from Minnesota Housing, celebrated getting funded for your POHP project, and attended your launch meeting. Now what? Minnesota Housing staff will provide next steps and best practices for submitting all required due diligence, successfully closing your loan, and preparing to administer construction draws. Minnesota Housing staff will be on hand to answer your questions including architects, program staff, and draw techs.
HUD Demolition/Disposition Overview for Small Agencies
HUD recently published an important notice regarding applications to demolish or dispose of public housing.  This approach is an important issue for small agencies to explore as it may, depending on your agency's circumstances, offer a unique opportunity to address long term sustainability. 

10:15am - 11:45
Ask the Attorney with Mary Dobbins

A lot is happening in affordable housing and there are always legal implications.  This session features Mary Dobbins, an attorney well versed in the issues faced by housing authorities and the challenges they face. Bring your questions and this interactive session will not disappoint.

Successful Smoke-Free Housing: Compliance and Enforcement Tips and Tools
Implementing and enforcing smoke free policies can present unexpected challenges and opportunities.  Led by state experts who have helped housing authorities through every stage of going smoke free, this session will walk you through the lessons learned and best practices.

3:15pm - 4:45
Managing Conflict & Stress in the Workplace with Kit Welchin
This session will be a follow up to our plenary session with Kit Welchin who will delve deeper into how to manage difficult situations in the workplace. 

Preventing & Addressing Harassment in Housing
Harassment in housing happens and takes on many different forms.  This session will discuss how HUD is addressing the issue and helping agencies prevent it. 

CR&D : The Remarkable Story of the Lincoln Park Craft District
A group of local organizations and businesses have branded an area just southwest of downtown Duluth as the Lincoln Park Craft District. The District is in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, and where there has been a great resurgence of craft manufacturing or businesses having a craft approach to their enterprise. It all started with Bent Paddle Brewing Company opening here in 2013 and starting an informal business network called Advancing Lincoln Park. Many craft business are located in the area such as OMC Smokehouse, Frost River Trading, Duluth Folk School, Hemlock’s Leatherworks, Duluth Pottery, Aerostich, Duluth’s Best Bread, and many more. Come hear the remarkable story of how  businesses, nonprofits, and governments are successfully working together to rebuild a neighborhood.

Friday September 14

9:00am-10:45 &
HUD Section 8 Roundtable/Update from Washington DC
During this popular session, participants will be able to ask questions, discuss issues and concerns with peers, and problem solve with local HUD representatives. HUD representatives will address any questions and provide information on “Hot Topics”, updates and reminders.  Your “on the spot” questions will also be answered during this session with the help of HUD and your fellow PHAs.

HUD Public Housing Roundtable/Update from Washington DC

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